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Celtic Jam
  consists of musicians who play traditional Celtic music on acoustic instruments.
We meet regularly to play at several local Alehouse open sessions, occasionally perform at local events, and is available for hire.

Celtic Jam can make your special event even more special, whether it's a wedding, dinner, party, dance, promotional event, festival or other occasion which can be enhanced with lively celtic music.
Our sound system is an option we use whenever necessary or requested.
Please go to the Contact Info page for our email address.
When requesting a quote, please specify the date, time, location, type of event, and whether amplification is needed. Thank you!

Traditional Irish Jam Sessions
We can also be heard playing at varous Irish music sessions taking place periodically around the area. These are known as a traditional Irish "open session" and not a performance, so if you feel inclined you are more than welcome to bring your instrument and join in with us.
More information on this type of event can be found on our Tunes page.
  Our Music
Listen to our music on the Player, below:
These tunes are played in sets, as follows.

1. ; Banish Misfortune/Kesh/Tenpenny Bit (jigs)
2. ; Silver Spear/Cup of Tea/Drowsy Maggie (reels)
3. ; Off to California/The Rights of Man (hornpipes)
4. ; Fanny Power/Planxty Irwin (waltzes)
5. ; Denis Murphy's/42 Pound Cheque/John Ryan's (polkas)

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